The Voice of Finland with RGGLED

For years RGGLED equipment has been admired by producers and production companies, because of beautiful and fantastic product appearance. So it was hired for The Voice Of Finland event. There RGGLED had its LED transparent screen P30, LED Video Floor P31,25 and Stage Motion System which moved the screens at up to 60m/min speed.
As a result project was a complete blast! Commercial With RGGLED Equipment

It is true that if you are truly good, then people will recognise you. We were recognised by worldwide company so they came to Lithuania to shoot their commercial with Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice. An exquisit design solutions had to be presented and our LED video floors, screens, and wall-washers were the best choice.
Check out and enjoy the stunning results:

RGGLED Launched World's Largest 8500 sqm LED Ceiling Screen

RGGLED is very well known for custom designed and extraordinary LED products which company manufactures. This time it is big and it is called LED Softscreen.
Softscreen has had a stunning debut in Asian winter games in Kazakhstan in 2011. It was installed in the ceiling of Astana arena and was 8500 sq. m big. Just picture yourself the size of it, the looks of it! And for sure, that was not the limit. You can simply make it of any size and shape giving you unlimited options where to use it. With this screen you can illuminate your venue and show the crowd anything you want. This is a product, which leads modern LED technologies to a brand new era.

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